Enter The Bear

by Barbears

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Hamstar I've been waiting along time for a full release from these guys, especially one that they would accept money for (the EP was free only) so I could encourage them monetarily to make more music in their awesome and unique style. Many groove, much metal, so wow. Favorite track: So It Goes.
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Sound and Production @ Black Hole Sound Studio by Gabor Vari
Album Art by Balazs Burg


released July 10, 2015

Levente Blanar - Vocal, guitar
Laszlo Lukacs - Guitar
Janos Szatmari - Bass
Bela Szabo - Drums



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Barbears Hungary

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Track Name: Wasted
In a nutshell I slept over 100 years
I grew into a form of love of facing fears
Now I broke out and I feel like I want more
Come on baby, just let me go

In the purple haze I’m trying to comeform
Still I see ahead the lightning of a strom
Gather all your forces cause I’m here for fun
Come on baby just let me go

I was closed in front of almost everything
With a quiet sound I heard that I broke my string
Now I broke out and I feel like I want more
Come on baby, just let me go
Track Name: Lake Of Doom
Vers 1: Drove through hills, and mountains
See the sea during the flood
Touched the eyes of sun and drank
the holy blood of God
Sailed in miseries, kissed the face of moon
But now I see that I’ve chased my doom

Vers 2: Fate is what you least expect
might be what you fear most
Listen to the witches how they
torture every ghost
I have seen their caves, loved one, felt her waves
Left her, made her turn to God and praise

Find comfort
In the Lake of Doom
Still I’m torn
by the Lake of Doom

Vers 3: Against the blow the trees will bend
They’ll fight the winds of west
All the pressure in my hands
Were put right on my chest
The horse of death appeared, dragged me underneath
Ruled him, cut him, down I left him bleed

Vers 4: Druids gathered to greet me
They’ve been waiting for so long
Told me, I was chosen
They won’t do me wrong
Armor is on me, kush is in my hands
To rule, the lands, drug led endless trans
Track Name: Vagabong
Under the setting sun
Nobody dares to run
No, no, nooo

I’m just like you my friend
But I don’t fear from the end
No, no, nooo

Ever since I know my name
Dust and bones followed my way
no, no, nooo

Here I stand alone
Waiting for my dream come true
Track Name: So It Goes
Vers 1.: This is the chance to take our lives back
I’ve never felt solace before
Why can’t you see, it’s the price we paid
For the years gone wasted

With all the memories in my hand
Finally done craving for more
We’re on our own, but the remedy is here

Refr.: I’m better alone trapped inside my womb

Vers 2.: Throughout the years I felt the breeze
Eager desire to kill them all
Marvel the end, but the sweat is the sign
of our hard earned labour

Oceans are here to take us all in
Swallow the sins of everyone
And as we hear, the bombs are crying
as they sweep away

Refr.: If I could chose I’d stay inside my womb
Cover by the holy infant God

This is the chance to take our lives back
Replay the things we’ve seen before
To feel the hurt, of millions trapped beneath
the remains

Trapped, Trapped, Trapped in amber
Moments utterly are cast aside
There is no why, the bridge between
is about to colide
Track Name: God Damn Lord
Feel how the wind, it takes away
Everywhere, and every day
My ears are full of bitter, unheard prayers
But you still sit on your ass proudly upstairs
Mountains are high, lands are so deep
Still we, find no beauty in that we live

Oh God damn, Lord
You are the one to blame
For, the deaths ignored
You’ve ruled for far too long

Hell is a better place to live
You only know how to misgive
Watching the whole word suffer, that’s what you do
Help those in need just simply doesn’t suit you
Some crave your words, the rest can see
You have, nothing, but massive apathy
Track Name: Inner Space Intervals
Rest your head
On my lap
Close your eyes don’t you fear
Frightening black, dreadful lack
Maybe you’ll disappear
Will… you disappear

Rest your head
On my lap
Close your eyes what you see
Is it me, Is it you
Or is it somebody
Else… somebody else

Blisters swell
Hear the bell
Light the world up on fire
Every tree, all the fields
Hear the sound of a lyre
well… it’s all in your head

Rest your head
On my lap
Close your eyes don’t you fear
Frightening black, dreadful lack
Maybe you’ll disappear
Will… you disappear
Track Name: La Muerte Peluda
Play, this is the only chance for you to live
Grab, the hand of everything you’ll ever need
Blood dripping off the wall
World bleeding right from the soul

Way, out of everything, and into you
Drain, all the rivers in the land you knew
Disillusion landed low
All you need is nature’s law
Track Name: Dread
You drove me mad
I got that in my head
Released the shit, I take

Steam burns just like hell
All alone, get your own
Shimmering spell

A precious life
Wasted youth, darkened light
Circle of doom, ahead

Rapes your soul with love
Such a bloom, in a gloom
Where we end

Refr: You can’t burry dread, lock your head
Hold your breath, hold your breath
Prepare for my counter attack, feel the threat
Hold your breath, hold your breath

Lift in the house,
of the corps
left for none
only can death walk in